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What is compostable

What is Compostable

What is Compostable? Being compostable is the ability to be broken down into organic matter over time. With the help of inputs such as water, air, carbon, and nitrogen-rich materials the compostable material will turn into a beautiful fertilizer that can be used to improve the soil.  To make compost you will want to mix

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Cooking Sustainably

What is Cooking Sustainably? Cooking sustainability is a way of cooking that helps to improve our ecosystem, and does not harm the environment. Our environment/ecosystem is largely impacted by agriculture, both positively and negatively. The kitchen can be a great place to help improve our food system.  Sustainability itself is a term that is described

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Eat the Seasons

What is Eat the Seasons Eating seasonal means eating food that is grown in your area during that time of year. So instead of eating any fruit or vegetable all year round – you seek out foods that are available locally and/or seasonally. We are accustomed to seeing food available throughout the year, so to

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What Does Pasture Raised Mean

What Does Pasture Raised Mean  Per the Environmental Working Group  Pasture Raised means “ruminant animals were raised in a pasture where they can roam freely outdoors and are able to eat grasses and other foods their bodies are adapted to digest”. Ruminant animals include cattle, sheep, and goats (not pigs).  When we envision pasture-raised, we

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10 Questions to ask at the Farmers Market Guide
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10 Questions to ask at the Farmers Market Guide
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