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Kitchen Confidence

Kitchen Confidence Book Cover

I wrote this book after several years of counseling clients on nutrition. Most people I helped struggled more with the implementation and how than the actual knowledge. The root cause of a lot of their nutrition challenges was lack of confidence in the kitchen and lack of planning their meals. 

Chapter 1: Introduction
About this book
What it will teach you
How to use this book

Chapter 2: Importance of Nutrition in the Kitchen
Nutrition 101: Why you should care about what you eat
Cooking at home: Your wallet and your health

Chapter 3: Food Safety 101
Importance of Food Safety
Food Safety 101

Chapter 4: The Kitchen Clean-out
Why Do a Kitchen Cleanout?
Cleanout and Inventory
What do Expiration dates really mean
Placement of food in the refrigerator

Chapter 5: Navigating the Grocery Store
Creating a personalized grocery list
Marketing Gimmicks and Food Label Confusion
The Grocery Store Maze
Coupons: Do they really Help you Save Money

Chapter 6: Economic Impact of Food Waste

Chapter 7: Storage, Cooking Tips and Recipes
Meal Prep and Snacks
Leftover Ingredient Recipes
Ingredient Substitution
Getting Started with Frozen Produce
Additional Sweet and Savory Recipes

Chapter 8: For Further Reading
Environmental Impact of Food Waste

Curriculum Examples

The curriculum includes 8 lessons and the topics and objectives are listed below. Lessons involve brainstorming, writing in workbooks, breaking into pairs and playing games. 

  1. Healthy Eating Struggles
    1. Participants will be able to identify their healthy eating struggles and what they find challenging and confusing 
    2. Come up with at least two skills that will help to improve their day to day eating habits
  2. Nutrition 101
    1. Participants will be able to determine their motivations for wanting to eat healthily
    2. Understand how diet affects health and list the leading causes of death associated with diet and lifestyle
  3. Balanced Plate
    1. Participants will be able to explain what a balanced plate is and why it is important for health
    2. Name each food group and list at least 5 foods in each group
  4. Food Waste
    1. Participants will be able to determine the reasons why they throw out food at home 
    2. List at least two actions they can do to reduce their food waste
  5. Smart Grocery Shopping
    1. Participants will create a shopping list based on food groups that will result in healthy home cooked meals
    2. Identify challenges at the grocery store that makes it difficult to grocery shop and come up with two solutions
  6. Food Safety
    1. Participants will be able to explain what the temperature danger zone is and the correct temperatures for reheating and storing food
    2. List at least three food safety guidelines when cooking
  7. Food Marketing Gimmicks
    1. Participants will be able to interpret what nutrition claims mean on food products
    2. Determine the nutritional quality of a product without the influence of marketers
  8. Healthy Eating throughout the day
    1. Participants will be able to identify barriers to implementing healthy meals during the day
    2. Determine at least two options that can help with overcoming these barriers

Each lesson comes with worksheets and detailed information for the facilitator. The facilitator and each participant will be provided a print version of book Kitchen Confidence: Improve your Health, Save Money, Waste Less and printed spiral bound worksheets for the lessons.

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